Vision, Mission, Objectives & Values


To be recognized as a leading real estate service provider in the UAE for education, research, and innovation institutions, building for future generations.


At all times, Fortune Properties conducts its business with integrity, ethical values and social commitments. Fortune Properties core values are the basis of the future STEP towards excellence:

  • Serve our customers and delight our stakeholders through the quality of our professional and transparently priced services.
  • Treat and support our team members positively in an energetic, optimistic, and motivated working environment.
  • Ensure continuous improvement of our services through performance monitoring and development of our skills and capabilities.
  • Promote creative, innovative, sustainable, and responsible ideas and solutions to our clients and community.


To provide our clients in the UAE with high quality and innovative real estate services through capitalizing on our education-specific expertise and ensuring that our shareholders, customers, and employees are integrated to serve future generations.


Fortune Properties strategic objectives can be summarized as follows:

To be an independent entity capable of securing acceptable ROI to its shareholders and potential investors by developing and managing successful projects, operating and maintaining built up facilities through;

  • Becoming a recognized leader in UAE with specialization in development and facility management in three years time.
  • Continuing to improve the efficiency and quality of service of the development and facility management functions
  • Achieving a net Return on Investment (ROI) in excess of 15 %.
  • Building strategic alliances with world class companies to enhance development and facility management capabilities